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[ Friday, January 14, 2011 | 0 comments ]
2011 na, and yet, bigla kong naisip na buhayin ang matagal nang naghihingalong blog na ito after reading sir jester's blog. biglang magreminisce ba... haha

bahala na. been planning to have a blog again for a long time na din. i've actually created a tumblr account, wala nga lang talaga time. a ewan, bahala na! ^^ Read the full story »

I Think I'm Paranoid

[ Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | 0 comments ]
Whoever will tell me that nursing is easy surely don't know what they're talking about. It's like living in hell.

First of all, you are already offering your service for free in exchange for a simple Certificate of Employment, yet most hospitals requires a lot of training before they can hire you.

They'll look for all the certifications that they can (i.e. BLS, IVT and even ACLS) which would cost a lot... and I mean A LOT. One seminar would cost about 3k. And to top that, a couple of them requires you to submit a copy of your Certificate of Registration, to which unfortunately takes months for PRC to process.

Although I'm fortunate to have a hospital to work with, I'm not fully decided on accepting its offer primarily because it is not a tertiary hospital in which most recruitment agency is requiring, and it's about an hour's ride from where I'm living.

I'm still currently in the hunt for a hospital nearby. Actually, I've been to one who's willing to hire me... after the release of my IVT id, which will take about 6 months top.

God, I just wished I never took up nursing!!! Read the full story »

Start of Something New

[ Monday, June 8, 2009 | 0 comments ]
It's the return of the comebacks...

For quite sometime, I've been dreading on reviving this blog and just last night, i think all the planets aligned and made me create, basically edit, a new layout for my blog... and here it is, I'm BACK!!!

I don't really know if i should be doing this again... I've lost my writing mojo years ago, ever since leaving DLSU four-five years ago, but here I am making a new attempt. Maybe its has something to do with my plans of brushing up my english skills, but also, maybe i have lots of things to rant again. hahaha

I do enjoy writing though, either writing about something or not. It keeps me... THINKING. Thinking not only about the things that transpired earlier on, but to think if that thing made a different in my life. I do love to look back... and reminisce.

Oh well.

Too much things has happened the last 6-7 months i've been here. I've been bummed waiting for the results of my exams and thankfully passed it, had a couple of trainings to enhanced my skills, planned a lot for my future, oh, and Kris Allen winning the AI... I do feel like i've been in a cave for those months not writing about them...

I DID missed writing. And I hope this won't be my last post in a while. I'm crossing my fingers, wishing that this is indeed the start of something new. Read the full story »