NLE fever

Friday, November 28, 2008 Leave a Comment

It’s 1:42AM on my clock, and I still can’t sleep. I don’t know if my nerves is starting to get into me or it’s just my housemates’ initiative to review that is still keeping me awake.

Although I’m still reading the “topics” that most review center gives to its reviewees during final coaching, nothing’s entering my brain. Or maybe there is, I just can’t distinguish it correctly if there really is. Hahaha

I’m so overwhelmed with so many emotions that my brain isn’t functioning properly. I’m euphoric that finally, after the long wait, I’ll be taking the NLE, but I’m also quite afraid that I can’t measure up to the standards set upon me by the school president, the dean, my clinical instructors, friends and relatives. It’s really nerve racking. And then there is sadness, leaving the friends I’ve made in the review center, and the staffs and lecturers who’ve molded me into whom I am now even for that short period of time.

Oh well, God bless me on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the 88,749 board exam takers. If only there’s such a thing as 100% passing rate for the local boards. How I wish. hahaha