Start of Something New

Monday, June 8, 2009 Leave a Comment

It's the return of the comebacks...

For quite sometime, I've been dreading on reviving this blog and just last night, i think all the planets aligned and made me create, basically edit, a new layout for my blog... and here it is, I'm BACK!!!

I don't really know if i should be doing this again... I've lost my writing mojo years ago, ever since leaving DLSU four-five years ago, but here I am making a new attempt. Maybe its has something to do with my plans of brushing up my english skills, but also, maybe i have lots of things to rant again. hahaha

I do enjoy writing though, either writing about something or not. It keeps me... THINKING. Thinking not only about the things that transpired earlier on, but to think if that thing made a different in my life. I do love to look back... and reminisce.

Oh well.

Too much things has happened the last 6-7 months i've been here. I've been bummed waiting for the results of my exams and thankfully passed it, had a couple of trainings to enhanced my skills, planned a lot for my future, oh, and Kris Allen winning the AI... I do feel like i've been in a cave for those months not writing about them...

I DID missed writing. And I hope this won't be my last post in a while. I'm crossing my fingers, wishing that this is indeed the start of something new.