Back to Reality

Tuesday, January 1, 2008 Leave a Comment

January 1 na. 3 days na lang, balik school nanaman. Bakit kasi kelangan pa ng integrated na review pa ang college for the board when magrereview din kami after graduating? They really love making things complicated!

Then on monday, di ko pa alam kung tuloy kami for Manila for this national quiz bee. I've been waiting for the SMS of our coach pero la pa din. Then di pa ko nakakastart magreview! WAAAAHHHHH!

Great! I'm being to pessimistic on the first day of the year. hahaha E it'll be another three months before i'll have a vacation this long, kaya siguro ganun. Oh well...

On the other hand, super busog ako last night. My mum ordered this lechon de leche pero and deniliver is a small lechon so anlaki ng diff, e 5 lang kami dito sa house. Ayun, nilamutak namin kagabi and 1/4 na lang ata yun naiwan. Then medyo dry yun fettucine alfredo, kaya pinakialaman ko nanaman and nagtimpla ng another set of the sauce. Haha Good thing, i'm trying to gain more weight so sana me effect ang paglamon ko! hahaha

Saya, Year 2008 na. Sana tumaba na ako! hahaha