Monday, December 31, 2007 Leave a Comment

Currently, there's just 11 hours to go before the year ends, and as a new one starts, it leaves me thinking where am i heading.

In 12 more weeks, I'll be graduating from mg BSN course, and yet, i don't know what am i supposed to do next. Well, I have plans of taking the local board, but working as a nurse is another issue. I'm almost fed up with it after almost two years of clinical exposure. It just becomes tedious and boring.

I do have some other options besides working in a hospital, but still, i need to waste at least a year's worth of my time in one in order for those other options to be realized. I can't just escape from working in one.

Though I can also work beyond the nursing world! But that is not an option as of the moment. A lot of people would just be angry at me if do so.

I'm quite confused right now! I really, really hope for the new year to give me the guidance that i need!