Tuesday, April 10, 2007 Leave a Comment

Do you think our blogs will still be around after we are gone?

It seems kind of fascinating to think about this. I mean the internet has turned to a sort of history record of everything that’s going on. As you know there are servers that save every site they encounter, web images so to speak. You can access many pages from search engines that have been cached so that if you don't find the site working that second you can click on the "cached" link and bring up what the site looked like back in time.

I wonder how long they'll hold these images of web pages and everything you and I write will be around for our children, grand children etc... Are these pages of our lives going to be a record of us for our ancestors? Will my great grand children read what I wrote here... some of them maybe thinking, "Damn, my granddad’s a mess!" ;)

Think for a moment the next thing you write on the web, what message do you want to send them? The people of your life... the people of your life’s future.... What one thing do you want to be remembered for? Can you put something like that in words? I challenge you all to think about what you write sometimes and remember that what you write may be around forever. What do you want to tell those people... if anything at all? I might have to get back to you on my answer.

Note: Nahukay ko lang to sa mga files ko kanina, di ko maalala kung napost ko na to sa old blog ko dahil kasama nya yung mga entries ko way back when. haha