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Loser's Month part 2

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 Leave a Comment

Everyone's paired up, in red, holding hands... and it sucks!

From the malls, to the fastfood joints even in jeeps, you could see couples so freaking sweet it's irritable. Can they just not show their affection with one another in a public place? Can they just not use Valentine's Day as an excuse? hay...

Me, well, I do have a date. Not just with one lady, but with three. Tonight, I'll be in the company of Adele Pilliteri, Linda Anne Silvestri, and Alice Stein. Nice! I'll be up all night with the company of these 3 gorgeous women memorizing every little things they had in their books for my fucking exam in Maternal and Child Nursing tomorrow. That's just how freaking great my Valentine's Day would be.... Hahaha

That's not all. Earlier this day, I've almost been on a case presentation with the case being prepared just last night. Good thing my clinical instructor was good enough to give us another week to revise our work.

What a day! When everybody's out there celebrating their affection for one another, I'm stuck here on my room trying to compress everything that i read into this little head of mine! What a luck!