Friday, October 27, 2006 Leave a Comment

i'm still juggling with the idea of changing the layout of this blog since it's so childish, and one even commented that the color combination isn't working that well... if time permits, may be i will... hehe

been to baguio yesterday and my feet are killing me... we've walked from SM to SLU thru Session Road and went back, then to Pink Sisters then to the Cathedral. Really, walking that far will surely makes your corns and calluses begging for mercy. But it was fun, wandering the streets of a city that you ain't that familiar with. Oh, i've forgot to add, we've also did walk up the whole 307 1/2 steps leading to the Lourdes Grotto, which as you may have guessed, is another feet killer... hehe

actually, the trip wasn't planned at all. we we're toying with the idea of going there, but it was just last wednesday that we've agreed on really going. i was with two CIs and my queer friend Raffy by the way. We tried on inviting others but they keep on insisting that they don't have that much dough left to go to Baguio.

i know it's wierd hanging out with your CIs but we've been closed from the very start. we're in almost the same age bracket anyways, so who cares. And they'll be flying soon so better use the remaining time of their stay here in the Philippines hanging out...

later! feet still hurts... hehe