i've passed

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 Leave a Comment

i've passed. it's not surprising, but i've got the tendency bragging about it, so here it goes again, I'VE PASSED! nyahaha

too bad around 50 of my batchmates didn't make it. not that i can do something about it, but it's saddening. oh well, that's how life goes, sometimes you're up, and most of the times you're not!

losing 50 students means 2 blocks would be dissolved and new groups would be created for our hospital exposure next sem. sad! just when i'm almost comfortable with my group then this? :(

on other news, i got a bew phone... bought a new Nokia N70 last saturday. i was planning on buying a N71, but due to budget constraint, i've settled down for the cheaper N70... nyahaha, i've got a new phone.... that's something else to brag about!!! hehehe

what else, yeah, i've changed the studs on my ears now that the piercings are dry... it's been just a week, but i'm a fast healer, so maybe that's the reason it dried up easily... hehe

going to Mall of Asia tomorrow for the first time... well, it's the first time my scheds permit me too that's why... hehehe oh, and am going to Baguio too on friday if my mum permits.. hehe though i don't have that much dough anymore...

neways, that's it for now... later ;)