back to blogging!!!

Monday, October 9, 2006 Leave a Comment

nyahaha, after almost two months of absence, i still have the guts to come back and blog again, i just can't get it out of my system... lol

so, let me sum up what had happen for almost 2 months in my plain, boring life...

  1. okay, the nursing day thingy that i was talking about in my last post ended quite well, actually, it was fantastic... well, others say it was quite a bore but for a student coordinator like me, hell, all my work has paid up pretty well. Most of the main prizes went to my batch, without even resulting in cheating. hehehe The documentation though ain't that done yet so i still need to finish that before the end of this semester... nyahaha
  2. i've patched things up with the "CI from hell", actually, most of my groupmates did. well, that's all for the sake of our grades, of course! ;)
  3. i'm a dean's lister without even knowing it... actually, my name wasn't in the list that was posted in the school grounds a few weeks before the ceremony, so i really didn't have any idea that i've made the list until a fews days after when a few of my fellow dean's lister told me so... actually, there were 3 in my batch whose names are omitted in the posted list, so it's all fine with me... hey, at least i made the list...
  4. exams are almost done. i still have 3 more before the end of the week but the all of them are minor subjects, so to say. I've taken the dreaded departmental exam last friday, which, to my surprise was a bit easier than the one given last midterm. oh well, may be that's just me.
  5. the day after the exam was my freaking birthday. there wasn't much celebrations though just because i want it to be like that. i'm not into fancy things anyway... lol
  6. oh, and globe telecoms called too last saturday telling me that my phone is fixed and i can claim it anytime. i was about to buy a new one that day too. maybe i'll be trading in that old phone into a new one so that means lesser cash out for me... hehehe
  7. out of sheer stupidness, i had both my ears pierced last sunday. i don't know why i did it, but i was planning on it for a few years now, it's just that i only had the courage to make it done last sunday... well, it didn't hurt as i thought it would have been, and i'm really happy i did it.

well, that's it for now... later ;)