new year, new life?

Monday, January 1, 2007 Leave a Comment

hindi ko alam kung tama bang buhayin ang blog na ito after four months of absence pero why not, medyo maluwang na kasi schedule ko ngayon e...

actually, mahirap talagang mag-blog lalo na if your in your third year in college, it's the time when hectic na lahat, with the thesis, the hard subjects, you really don't have that much time to do other things, lalo na ako at nursing pa 'tong course ko, hay, pagod talaga ang katawan mo after your 8 hours of hospital duty. pero masaya naman siya, fulfilling... yeah, fulfilling siya pag nasa special area siya, pero kung ordinary ward ka lang at night shift ka pa, hay, mas masayang matulog ka na lang sa bahay.. nyahaha

new year ngayon, halos lahat ng tao, may resolution, pero ako, pass muna. actually, ilang years na rin akong alang resolution every new year dahil halos every year ay di ko rin naman ito naitutupad, so what's the use? i tried making agendas too, pero same thing happens, i always don't make it. so i've also stopped making one.

pero i really like to change, if not, correct a couple of things in my life, but i rather not put it in a list madidisappoint din lang ako when i try seeing if i did all those things by the year's end. i'll just try doing my best on all of the things i do this year... haha (yun din yun e)

a basta, too much had happened last year that i really need to make my life worthwhile this year. i guess this is my year to change, well i did thought of that a year ago and the year before that, but i really think that this is the year. whatever!

so what's the point of this point besides of reviving this dying blog? i dunno, i don't even think that i'm making any sense, basta one thing's for sure: i'll try my best to be a better man! beat that! nyahaha

ETA: Told me so, i didn't make sense at all! hehe neways, next time na lang, when the net's not fucked up and i have a longer period of time to write something.... jeje