flu season and dead phones

Saturday, July 1, 2006 Leave a Comment

first my phone died on me and now a flu... what have i've done to deserve all these???

i just hate having a flu. the dripping, the runny nose, the sneezing... it's really annoying. i'm starting my duty this monday and i hope this flu would be g one by then, but i highly doubt it since it takes me weeks to cure a simple flu...

actually, it has been an epidemic in the school lately since we've taken our orientation at the regional hospital a week ago. a few people caught flu by then. then this monday was another orientation, but now at the provincial hospital, and yes, another group of people caught flu too. i didn't caught it at those ocassion, but because all of our rooms at school are air-conditioned, it was easy to catch it. i thought i wouldn't get it until symptoms manifested yesterday, and now, i'm so freaking sick.. good thing is i don't have a fever yet... damn, i hope i won't get one, i really don't want my duty, just to to make it up...

oh, and my phone, it's officially dead. i've proclaimed it this morning, since it's touchscreen ain't working anymore... i can't call or text anymore so i'v retired it already... it's the phone that have the shortest lifespan that i've got and it sucks especially when some people say that motorola is a good brand. oh yeah, and for the price that i've bought it, i've really thought that it would last for about a year and half.

i'm now stuck with my mum's old phone. it's a nokia 7610 which hangs a bit, but it'll do than none at all. i still have to save for a new one, if i can save... hehe