the downpour, the duty and the week that was

Thursday, July 13, 2006 Leave a Comment

okay, so i've been gone for a couple of sdays, so what? hehe i've always been sleepy everytime i arrive home after my duty that's why i can't have that much time to create a new entry, plus i do have classes on saturdays now which also adds to the fact that i hardly open my pc anymore. thank good i've got a break today because of the bad weather, and good thing is we still have electricity as compared to my sister's dorm which doesn't have it since yesterday.

so what's new? uhm, nothing much. just got my second hepa vaccine last week which just leaves me with one more for next month. i'm beginning to overcome my fears of vaccination because of it too, now i can go alone for it as compared to last year when i still can't look at the face of the one giving me the vaccine. and typically, i really do make a scene whenever i go to a hospital for one. lol

globe hasn't called me yet since i've surrender my phone for repair. they say that they can still work on it, so i'm really hoping the could. it's such a great phone that i really wanted it fixed. but if ever it still have some problems when returned, then i'll just be selling it to those trade-in phone centers and just buy me a new phone... hehe

hmm, community duty ain't that bad afterall. all we do is just eat, eat and eat... we'll maybe not all the times, but really, there ain't nothing much to do in there. last wednesday was the first and last clinic day for this month and it will also serve as our first and last exposure to such event until our duty ends so that would leave us to just spending our eight hours almost doing nothing inside the health center... hehe just can't wait for my hospital duty for next month. heard that it would be an 11-7 midnight shift at the regional hospital, just not that sure on what ward (really hoping that it would be the surgical ward, since it's the only ward that i've heard of that has good nurses in it. lol)

hmm, haven't seen superman yet, though i've planned on seeing it for several days now but it gets on getting postponed.. maybe i'll just wait for the dvd. maybe not, i'll try to see it this saturday. maybe hehe

speaking of dvds, i've rented 'Rent' last monday and haven't returned it til now. i think i have a PhP30.00 penalty though i haven't seen the movie yet. i've tried watching it this morning but i've fallen asleep in the middle of the film... was it that boring? maybe it is.

i've bought a new jacket yesterday so that i have something to wear today, but too bad classes were cancelled which only means that i've wasted quite a few bucks... hope classes would resume tomorrow with the weather still the same so that i could use that freaking jacket... hehe

that's it for now, i think. my mind's not in the mood of thinking right now... i'm kind of sleepy right now. maybe it's just because of the weather. but i really need to recharge, after that cold that i had and the tiresome duty, yeah, i really need some rest. ciao for now!

later! ;)