stupid phones and class elections

Thursday, June 29, 2006 Leave a Comment

i want a new phone... my phone is acting crazy since yesterday and i'm having a hard time using it now... it's touchscreen ain't acting like one, heck, i can't even use it at some point. it still has it's warranty at globe but i don't wanna go through all that red tape in order for my phone just to be fixed. and yeah, it would also be pulled out for repair so i really need a new one... great, now i need money to buy a new phone... what the hell can i buy with 5000 bucks??? grrr. that's the only disposable i have out of my bank account... stupid cell phone... (reminder to self: never ever buy another phone with touchscreen... they're not worth the price).

on other news, our block conducted it's class election yesterday since it would be the last day for our ward class which just means that it was the last day that we'll see each other in a classroom setting for quite some time... as i've expected it, i was voted block prez as there was no one else who wants that position. in fact, there wasn't even an election for that position, they've just agreed to place me to that post since i'm the one handling the duty since day 1. oh well, like i can do anything else about that.

the rest of the election was pretty much the same except for the muse since the ones conducting the election were of the third sex... they've played with it alot that 8 were nominated for the post... it took us around 30 mins to just vote for that position and it just ended with a tie. since we're a nursing block and there ain't that men in the class, we've just let the ladies decide on who should be our muse... after another 5 mins that the tie was broken.

whatelse? oh yeah, exams are on next week and there ain't that much lectures yet. that's a good thing since duties will start next week and i won't have that much time to review... damn, i've remembered my community duty once again... grrr... i hate being given a community duty, i want to be in the hospital.... grrr.

neways, i really want a new phone.. maybe a second hand model would do, as long as it is working properly, has a cam, and preferrably a radio/mp3 player with expandable memory, and i 'll be fine with that.. lol whom am i kidding, where can i find a phone like that on a tight budget like that of mind.... hehe

later! :P