alternate sexual expression and a bunch of other things

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 Leave a Comment

failed my 2nd quiz in rle yesterday, but not as drastic as i thought it would be... i've just failed by a single point, which is fine since most of the class failed anyways and i still have a passing average for the quizzes.. hehe

didn't do much today, well, there ain't much to be done anyways. was supposed to perform a return demo for my RLE class but we've run out of time and maybe, i'll be doing that tomorrow.

what else? oh yeah, i was doing an essay regarding 'alternate sexual expression' earlier but i just can't decide on what part would give me a higher grade... i know that i can defend both sides but i'm just bothered if my professor will agree on my stand. well, i really don't know what's my professor's sexual orientation is, so that's why... hehe

but if i were to choose, well, i'm fine having people of the third sex. i know some who are successful, but they should always know their limits. i mean most of them are so expressive that they are getting harrassed without even noticing it because they love the attention that they are getting... if they want respect, then they should learn on knowing it... wait, does that make any sense at all? i don't think so. hehe

next week's duty week and i'm still frustrated that my first duty would still be in a community while most of my batchmates are in the hospital... i just can't get it off my system.

i need to buy a new ink, i'm almost out.