Just out of frustration

Monday, June 26, 2006 Leave a Comment

i.ph was one of the best blog hosting site i've been to for quite some time, but i can't place any script in it that i've finally decided to vacate it.. hehe

but i've been moving from one place to another since last year, which sucks since i keep on designing one blog template to another.. but i do love making it, especially when i do have time...

hmmm, what's new besides this blog??? oh, yeah, our duty scheds were given this morning, and i've been assigned to a community health center once again... i've been readying myself for a hospital duty for the longest time and then i've been given just that, arghhh... but still, at least i've got a month more to study further those hospital thingies... hehe

this sucks as a first post. nothing exciting bout it... lol

oh well.. later!