It just won't die

Friday, June 22, 2007 Leave a Comment

my blog, that is. i just can't give up on it, though it takes me almost a month to create a new entry. hehe

i've really been busy these couple of weeks. i didn't enjoy my supposed 2 weeks break after my last duty a month ago. i have too much things to do that i can't even find time to unwind.

first, i've finally finished our, ooops, my thesis. well, i've done it on my own anyways, so i have the right to call it mine. haha after a lot of revisions, finally, i've finished it. and it's a fulfillment for me. i've even rewarded myself an ipod. haha top that!

then there's this org election next week where i'm supposed to run unopposed for the presidency. i don't even have a platform as of now and the election is next week. i'm doomed! well, i've only had my line-up filled just yesterday afternoon, and that ain't a good sign too. haha let's just hope everything works out fine.

another thing, i'm trying to get my back-subjects this sem in order for me to graduate next sem. well, because i have duties for 3 days a week and lectures during the remaining 2 days, the only choice i have to get those subjects is thru tutorial. I really hope it's the modular type so i don't have to spend my saturdays on school too. its just 5 units anyways. haha

then i've been assigned to a new toxic CI who doesn't even want to sit down during our duty. He wanted us to do something when we are doing nothing. Heck, he wanted us to know every detail inside the chart of our patient have. Waaahh...

Well, i really hope i do find time to keep this alive. hehe