the CI from hell

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 Leave a Comment

super init ng ulo ng mga kagroup ko kanina sa duty namin. supposedly, last day na namin ng community duty today, and dahil wala kaming CI for almost two weeks now dahil nga nanganak a week ago, e we're supposed to go home early, e bigla ba naman na me pinadalang bagong CI to replace our old one. we'll there's nothing worng at first, til she opened her mouth. wow, super taray nya, as in lahat pinapansin. lahat pa naman ng kagroup ko came to the site late thinking that no one would handle us and tatambay nanaman kami doon doing nothing.

to the max galit nila lalo na nung sinabing they'll get a make-up duty for coming late. good thing nga lang at a minute early ako sa kanya, or else pati ako me MUD. then ayun, lalong lumala when she planned on giving us an evaluation exam when in fact, la naman kami diniscuss with our former CI, and she really didn't have plans on giving us one kasi dahil she feels that we are responsible enough and worthy to not take an exam na. kaya mamaya, super review nanaman ako instead of just sleeping early and taking a rest from the tiresome duty.

oh yeah, she's also planning on computing our grades to think na two days nya lang kami ihahandle, e ano icocompute nya dun. our former CI should actually compute our grades, while she'll just substitute for her. She has no right to compute it, especially when she knows nothing of what we've really done. And she'd blatantly told us that she rarely gives a grade above 81 where in fact our presumed grades with our former CI is actually not lower than 90.

we've came to the school to complain a grievance against her, bad thing is, our dean and clinical instructor are on a meeting so we need to see her again tomorrow even though we don't want to. we'll, we certainly don't have a choice, it's either her or a MUD and a special exam...

but actually, i don't have that much problems with here, i just can't stand the fact that she'll be the one who'll be computing for our grades. i never had a grade below 85 ever since i've started nursing, and have no plans of actually getting one. I'm trying all my best and then the most that i can get is a lame 81... uhm...

let's just see how'll this battle end tomorrow. later!