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When enough's enough

Monday, March 26, 2007 Leave a Comment

I've officially terminated a friendship last Saturday, and I'm really satisfied with it. I may sound harsh, but that's just the way I feel.

As most people say, love can either make a relationship tighter, or it can just destroy it. In my case, it just destroyed it. It was his fault (yes, you've read that right, it's a he, a homosexual) falling in love with me even though he knows that I can't and won't reciprocate it. Nasasayangan ako sa pinagsamahan namin, so i didn't bother moving out of it, but now, it's totally a different story that just ending it would be the best choice.

Ang dami ng nadadamay na people dahil lang sa infatuation niya sa akin. Every girl na ma-link lang sa akin, aawayin niya. He's acting so strange that I just had enough. He wasn't even like that before. He asked for it, so i've giving it to him...

Saka after ending it, he asked for a forgiveness several hours later, kesyo nakainom nga daw siya and eveything. I didn't want to reconcile na, but just because nasasayangan ako sa friendship that time, i did accept him back. Then a few hours later, nalaman ko na lang na he was telling everyone na ako pa ang naghahabol para patawarin niya... The Hell! That brought me to my boiling point that whatever he says, this friendship has already ended. Buti na nga lang at napabasa ko sa ilang friends namin ang mga text nya that he can't take it if i won't forgive him.

Now, todo iwas ako. I should have been in a seminar kanina, but i didn't bother going dahil andun nga siya. Then me Physical Exam kami tomorrow, pero nagparesched na ko, and then nagpalipat na din ako ng Clinical group ko because i don't really want to be in his company anymore. Pati text nya, super hindi ko pinapansin. He made me do this, i have no choice.

I've been told by our friends na nasasayangan sila sa friendship namin, but why would i bother bringing it back when it's already ruin? Can i forgive him? Probably, but not now. Can i forget? That's a sure NO! After what's been done and said... I'm happier this way, nabunutan nga ako ng tinik sa lalamunan e. From this day forward, this is the only memory i'll ever have of that guy, everything's erased and hopefully, forgotten.