Loser's Month part 1

Sunday, February 4, 2007 Leave a Comment

February. A lot of people called it the "Love Month". But how about for people like me who are single at this fateful month?

I never liked this month. I never liked Valentine's Day ever since i've got the brain to know about it. I never liked my teachers requiring us to make Valentine's Card to give to any of our classmates. It's plain stupidity.

I never liked wearing red, not because I don't look good on it, it's just, it's an unhappy color for me. I never liked buying roses for my teachers... not that it's required, it's just an unwritten law in my school to give every female instructor a rose, that's why...

And as i've grown up, i never really liked going out with someone on that fateful day. It's not because I'm afraid to ask someone out, I'm just not buying the whole charade that is called Valentines.

I've always been single on this day, may be that's why... Or may be I'm just apathetic enough to give it a try? Well, I did plan on going out once, but I did back up... I'm really I'm not into this thing, really...

To those who are in love, and those who really likes to celebrate Valentine's, have fun. It's your month! And to those who are single just like me, then there's may be some other measure to passed by this month without feeling like a loser on which I am feeling right now...

...to be continued.